Henry Moore: ‘Knife Edge’. 1976

Lynne Chadwick: ‘The Watchers’. 1967

Uli Nimptsch: ‘Neighbourly Encounter’. 1961

Barbara Hepworth: ‘Meridian’. 1960

Frank Dobson: ‘Woman With Fish’. 1963

Install for Bloomberg New Contemporaries. 2009

Barbara Hepworth: ‘Two Forms Divided’. 1970

Rachel Whiteread: ‘House’. 1993

Trevor Tennant: ‘Girls Playing Netball’. 1958

Death of the Civic

The removal, destruction and theft of public sculptures I find weird, there is always this tension between the perceived value of a work of art, and its actual value. These works are documentation of a number of sites where public sculptures once were. These removals all took place over a 10 year period, which is also a time that saw an incredible acceleration of the privatisation of public land and resources. I am not sure if I think it’s good or bad that these works are no longer in public in all honesty, but it seems important and worth documenting.

2008 – 2018
Photography. C-Type prints mounted on aluminium