Scanned film

Close up of installation

Installation at OUTPUT Gallery, Liverpool.

In the NW it Rains and it Rains and it Rains

A photographic work which brings together 12 images that have been made using ‘offcuts’ of found footage relating to the North West of England, and photographs I have taken, printed onto film and layered. Each image is made up of two images overlaid with one-another to create a certain feeling of the period in the region when I was growing up there. The film is a 4:3 ratio and the glass holding the image in place is 16:9 ratio, so the past is literally framed by the present. They represent fragmentary and brittle memories that I hold and also relate to wider political and celebratory thematics in the region.

Film between glass on ply shelves, backlit.
320cm x 12cm & 160cm x 12cm